Nothing feels better than a FRESH BLOW-DRY, especially without the hefty price tag of a Salon visit. Our Olla Bella hair blow dryer brush eliminates the hassle of handling two tools at once. Put away your hair brush and blow dryer. And, pick up our hair blow dryer straightener brush, and create smooth, sleek results with just ONE tool!

Olla Bella Volume Hair Dryer Features:

Designed with Ionic technology to leave hair smooth, shiny, and tangle-free.
Share your Olla Bella Volumizing Hair Style by tagging us @OllaBellaTools

Designed with Ionic technology to leave hair smooth, shiny and tangle free.

Share your Olla Bella Volumizing Style by tagging us @OllaBellaTools

Bring Salon to Home With Hair Brush for Blow Drying

Get that gorgeous fluffy hair without walking to the salon. Olla Bella’s volumizing hot brush

  • Helps you get rid of the frizzy hair and makes them manageable.
  • Straightens the hair effortlessly without using two tools.
  • Gives a natural and smooth look to your hair.
  • Saves time by brushing all hair at once and not sectioning them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How long will it take to ship the order?

    We process and ship orders within 3-5 business days. The delivery time depends on your location and the shipping method chosen during checkout. Track your order using the provided tracking number for real-time updates on the delivery status.

    In case, you have didn’t receive the order within 10 business days, please contact us at Info@ollabella.com

  • 2.Do we need to clean the brush?

    Yes! We recommend cleaning the blow-dry flat brush from time to time. Cleaning it is very simple;

    • Ensure the device is unplugged and cool,
    • Gently remove any hair strands using a brush or comb.
    • Wipe the surface with a damp cloth.
    • Remember, never immerse the tool in water to maintain its functionality.
  • 3. Does the brush blow dryer have adjustable heat and speed settings?

    Yes, our volumizing hair brush blow dryer features adjustable heat and speed settings. It allows you to customize your styling experience. Choose the desired heat and airflow level for a personalized and efficient blow-drying and styling session.

  • 4. Can I return the Blowdry Pro-Hot?

    Yes! We aim at ultimate customer satisfaction. If you don’t like or are not satisfied with the product results, we happily accept returns within 30 days. Please note these terms for a hassle-free refund;

    • The product should not be damaged
    • It should be working fine.
    • Any scratches to the product’s body will lead to an unaccepted return.
    • Keep your order invoice with you.
  • 5. Can I use the Olla Bella Volumizing Hair Brush Blow Dryer on extensions or wigs?

    Yes, absolutely! Our versatile hot brush blow dryer can be used on natural hair, extensions, and wigs. It's gentle yet effective, making it suitable for various hairpieces and extensions. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND using it on synthetic or low-quality hair wigs or extensions as it may damage the tool and extensions both.

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